Narcisco Perfume PR Mailer: The Floral Gift Box that Made a Media Splash

Full disclosure: we know we do good work here at Julia Testa, and we know it’s uncommon to have both an artful eye for arrangements and decor and the follow-through it takes to exceed client expectations. It’s always nice to get a reminder that we’re doing a good job, though, and that’s exactly what happened when the arrangements we put together for fashion designer Narciso Rodriguez garnered a lot of fabulous press.

Seven different magazines got ahold of our project, including Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Latina Magazine, Elysee Magazine, and, yes…Time Magazine.

The coolest part of this project were the clear plexiglass boxes we custom-designed to house the perfume – and our gorgeous floral arrangements, of course. The box was designed to look like it had no hinges and very clean seams, like a treasure chest for the perfume, which, of course, it was. We also put a clear plexiglass frame in the middle, acting as a bed for the perfume, so it wouldn’t shift during transport. When the editors received the box, it was clear what it was. They could see directly through to the product without disturbing our arrangements, no messy opening needed.

For the arrangements themselves, we complemented the Narciso branding by stucking with a natural, neutral theme. We used tan Sahara spray roses, Creama kiss peach roses, brown orchid wood, bush ivy leaves and berries, white ginestra and birch wood.

We absolutely love projects like these, not just for the media attention they garnered (although, that's certainly a bonus). We do it for the challenge of bringing a product to life, capturing a brand's personality in florals, and helping businesses promote in style. 

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