NYPD 100th Anniversary Gala - Sheridan Time Square

October 6th 2017- The 100th Anniversary of the NYPD DEA Gala at the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel. What a large event we had the privilege to design all the florals for. A total of 1,400 attendees! We had our work cut out for us and we were ready to take this on for the heroes and fighters of our city. 

With our team ready to hustle, we had 140 reception tables, 50 cocktail pieces and finishing off with 72 boutonnieres. Designed with cobalt blue, white and gold colors. With a 3 hour window to get everything ready within the event space, we accomplished it all with zero hiccups! 

We appreciate it immensely for being apart of this special day and the opportunity for being able to design for all the guests who attended this event!