Our Seasonal Obsession with Peony

When you walk into a flower shop, it’s hard to miss the inventory – the coolers filled with fresh blooms, bouquets being styled and displayed, and assorted greenery, wrapping material, vases, and more being stored and assembled into works of art. 

But this inventory, although seemingly commonplace, is the result of an intricate web of ordering, shipping, seasonality, and timing. Fresh flowers especially are sourced from all over the world, leaving us to chase the growing season of various blooms around the globe. Read about the effects of a Global Economy on our NYC flower shop here.

And sometimes, with some flower varietals, there are black-out dates wherein they are simply not in season, anywhere. *Enter stage left, the Peony*. 

We really love the Peony, when we can get it (like *right now*).

Peony – distinguished by broad, soft petals wrapped delicately around themselves to form a large, supple, aromatic bloom – are popular flower choices for weddings, baby showers, event arrangements, and bouquets – and it's not hard to see why. They fill the designs they're in; are both soft and lush; and elevate the natural elegance of the blooms around them.

Claim to Fame

Not only are Peonies stunning, but they're also seasonal, making them extra special blooms to give, receive, and behold. As a spring flower, these beauties are in season and available from April to mid-June, and then (thank you, equator), are back again mid-September to November.

So, this is us, telling you, "Get them while you can!"

Classic & Clean

We're currently in Springtime Peony Season, but what do we do when it's gone?

The Peony's seasonality leaves florists with the heat of the summer, and the cold of the winter months, to find suitable substitutions for the popular bloom.

Our Summer Substitution: The Dahlia

At Julia Testa, we love the Dahlia as a summer Peony substitution. Their large blooms are similar in shape to the Peony, with soft teardrop petals folding together to form a broad, round shape. Available in a wide variety of sizes and colors, ranging from compact to jumbo flower heads, and single to multi-color pastel tones, the Dahlia is versatile, stunning, and an excellent alternative to the popular Peony.

Carmen Electra


Our Winter Substitution: Ranunculus and The Garden Rose

We love Ranunculus (AKA Buttercups) as a cold-month substitution, as their soft, ruffly petals strike an uncanny resemblance to the Peony. Their hues can feature a light ombre effect, and their blooms are found in everything from bright yellows to deep burgundies, and soft pastel pinks, creams, and whites.



Garden Roses are also lovely choices when Peony are out of season, as their blooms are often larger and more petaled than classic roses. Their loose, round blooms, and wide range of color availability, make them show-stoppingly beautiful alternatives for Peony lovers.

Wythe Avenue


To guarantee you’re always receiving the best bloom for the season, explore our Designer’s Choice collection – crafted from the freshest flowers in our inventory. We’re also more than happy to talk with you about flower availability for your next event, party, or installation. Contact us to get started today.