Our first Valentine's Day at the Soho Location

It’s not surprising that in the floral business, taking Valentine’s Day lightly simply isn’t an option. So for the inaugural Valentine's day at their SoHo store, the Julia Testa team knew they had to pull out all of the stops. And as the store had already carved out a reputation for outdoor installations and interactive displays, creating an eye-catching display for everyone on Thompson just made sense.

In order to ensure a smooth first Valentine’s Day, preparations began early at Julia Testa, with the whole team working diligently to design, plan, and create displays and arrangements worthy of the holiday.

The store began it’s festivities a full five-days prior to February 14, with an outdoor kissing booth aimed at building hype and inciting interaction with the favorite day. The booth was designed to resemble a bus stop, featured on a clear, plexi backdrop. In large, hot pink letters the word, “KISS” was painted above a handmade bench perfect for photos of the smooches the display was designed to encourage.

Beyond simply inspiring Valentine’s Day affections, the display incorporated themes of New York Fashion Week that occurs around the same time, blending the two concepts seamlessly. 

The Julia Testa designers purchased a mannequin dressmaker form in order to create a dress comprised entirely of red and pink silk flowers. As the team had never before attempted such a feat, they channeled their inner Project Runway stars, “making it work,” better than they could have even imagined. 

The flower-adorned mannequin was proudly displayed in the Julia Testa windows, admired by everyone walking by the shop. After wrapping up the holiday, basking in the remnants of “love in the air,” the Julia Testa team celebrated a successful first Valentine’s Day in SoHo.