Our Most Dramatically Romantic Rose Arrangements This Valentine's Day

Sometimes, loving someone looms so large in our lives that we can’t help but be a bit, um, dramatic about it. We want to shout it from the rooftops, run down the street in the rain, mix it into every conversation, and convey to our loved one exactly how important they are to us.
At Julia Testa, we get the sentiment. As we consider ourselves both rose and Valentine’s Day aficionados, we know how to match even your most dramatically large love with rose arrangements so extra and romantic, that you can’t help but fall for them.
Here's our most dramatic and best-selling Valentine's Day rose arrangements:

Lush Perfection

Lush Perfection is an opulent arrangement featuring numerous roses expertly arranged in a compact oval vessel, creating a lavish and sophisticated aesthetic.

Love You Double

Love You Double is a contemporary take on the timeless dozen roses, showcasing 24 vibrant red roses complemented by elegant loops of tropical aspidistra leaves.

100 Roses - Big Love 

100 Roses - Big Love is a stunning flower arrangement featuring 100 long-stemmed roses in a delightful mix of red, pink, and purple. Artfully designed in a tall vase, this gorgeous floral statement is bound to make a large and lasting impression.

Reason to Love You 

Reasons to Love You ​​takes a modern twist on the classic dozen roses, featuring tightly clustered red roses accompanied by sleek tropical leaves and graceful loops of grass – creating a uniquely romantic and stylish display.

My Name’s Rubi 

My Name’s Rubi is an exquisite arrangement showcasing 55 roses, orchids, and calla lilies in abundance. This stunning floral masterpiece stands tall at 22 inches and spans an impressive 27 inches in length, making it a truly captivating gift.

Dramatic First Impression  

Dramatic First Impression lives up to its name with a striking arrangement of 50 roses. If you're aiming for an unforgettable impact, this captivating floral ensemble is the perfect choice.

Pink Rose Luxury 

Pink Rose Luxury showcases the grandeur of 100 Pink Roses arranged in an oversized vase, ensuring a truly dramatic and opulent presentation.

Mixed Colorful Roses 

Mixed Colorful Roses presents a harmonious blend of vibrant hues, with assorted colorful roses thoughtfully designed to complement each other seamlessly.

Roses in the Vine 

Roses in the Vine showcases an arrangement of 18 roses in a modern bouquet, elegantly complemented by Curly Willow branches and presented in a clear glass rectangular vase for a contemporary and stylish aesthetic.

 Dozen(s) of Roses

Dozen(s) of Roses lets you decide the quantity you desire. Experience the timeless elegance of classic roses by the dozen. Beautifully arranged in a tall vase to showcase the long stems, our "Long Stem Rose" arrangement is enhanced with greenery, petite filler flowers, or branches, providing extra volume for a truly impactful display.


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