The Big, Beautiful, and Unique – Our Most *Extra* Mixed Arrangements for Valentine's Day

We get it, not everyone is a “bunch of a dozen red roses” kind of person. Instead, you love a unique gesture, a personal touch, an inside joke, and an expression of love that is as one-of-a-kind as the person to whom you’re giving it.

If this sounds like you, we’ve got a lineup of artfully designed mixed flower arrangements – from non-traditional to quirky, classy, and everything in between –  sure to meet the challenge of matching your one unique love.

Here’s our Favorite Mixed Flower Valentine’s Day Arrangements this Year:


Valentine’s Day Designer’s Choice

Valentine’s Day Designer’s Choice is arranged by our skilled designers, picking the cream of the crop from our freshest inventory, and blending their artistic flair with seasonal inspiration. Dive into the Valentine's Day Designer Choice arrangements, featuring a palette of reds, pinks, purples, or whites. Each arrangement exudes a romantic vibe, ensuring a thoughtful and beautifully crafted expression of love.

The Valentina

The Valentina is a true masterpiece, so stunning that even the photograph doesn't do it justice. Featuring a delightful mix of garden roses, spray roses, red James Story Orchids, Cranberry Calla lilies, hints of Tulips, Pink Fragrant stock flowers, mixed eucalyptus, and green hellebores, it's an absolute showstopper. Perfect for those who appreciate the elegance of garden-style design, "The Valentina" is a breathtaking floral creation that will leave a lasting impression.

VIP Reservation

VIP Reservation is a compact and luxurious display of blooms that stands at a chic 12 inches tall, making it ideal for placement on a coffee table or bedside table. With a tight and lush composition, the arrangement features a sophisticated blend of Red Roses, Pink Calla lilies, Hydrangea, Tulips, and delicate Lilly Grass accents. Elevate your ambiance this Valentine’s Day with this stylish floral creation, perfect for those seeking a touch of elegance in a more intimate setting.

Classy Gift

Classy Gift is a refined and elegant ensemble crafted to make a sophisticated statement. This arrangement boasts the timeless beauty of White Hydrangea, complemented by the allure of 5 Red Roses, 3 Pink Spray Roses, and delicate hints of Pink Calla Lily and Lisianthus. Gift a touch of class with this stunning floral combination, perfect for expressing sentiments of grace and admiration.

Tell Me You Love Me

Tell Me You Love Me is a larger-than-life showcase of blossoms that goes beyond what meets the eye in the photo! Bursting with over 60 roses, featuring a delightful mix of garden variety and classic roses, this arrangement is a true floral spectacle. Infused with drama, the addition of Burgundy snapdragon and tulip accents elevates the overall aesthetic. Make a grand statement with this abundant display of love and beauty. (Various sizes available).


Pinkerbell is a celebration of pink beauty. Adorned with captivating pink anemones, this arrangement features a delightful medley of complementary hues, including stock, ranunculus, roses, lisianthus, and orchids. Embrace the magic of romance with this harmonious blend of blooms, thoughtfully curated to infuse your Valentine's Day with a touch of grace and charm.

Berry in Love

Berry in Love is a stunning arrangement featuring Lavender Roses, Purple Dendrobium Orchids, and Purple and Pink Tulips. Modern Tropical Leaves provide a stylish accent, creating a vibrant expression of love. This exquisite arrangement is designed to convey affection in a truly unique and beautiful way.

Socrates Theory

Socrates Theory is a gorgeous arrangement whose namesake is a tribute to the mentor who inspired Julia's floristry journey. This Hand-Tied Dutch Bouquet showcases exposed stems within a clear, rectangular vase. Abundant with elements like purple Hydrangea, purple Orchids, assorted garden greens, and the fragrant allure of ocean song lavender Roses, it also incorporates subtle notes of purple Tulips and Stock for added texture.

Pixie Dust

Pixie Dust is a captivating blend of Gorgeous Pink Callas, Pink Roses, Pink Stock, Kiwi Hydrangea, and an exciting pop of cut Phalaenopsis Orchids! For those who prefer an ethereal touch, the arrangement is also available in ALL WHITE – simply choose the white circle instead of the pink one for a pristine and elegant aesthetic.

Adelina Eve

Adelina Eve is a delightful composition featuring Pink Peony (substituted with Dahlia when not in season) or Ranunculus, Peach Rose, Pink Rose, Light Pink Hydrangea, Pink or Peach Stock, and Peach Spray Rose. This charming arrangement may include pink Tulips or Lisianthus depending on Tulip availability. Accentuated with light hints of Italian ruscus and greenery, it boasts a primarily tight and lush design with a touch of graceful movement. Bring the beauty of these blooms into any space for a fresh and lively atmosphere this Valentine’s Day.


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