Say “Thank You” to Your Wonder-Mom with A Fresh Flower Arrangement this Mother’s Day

There are no questions about it, mothers make the world go ‘round. Every year, we get to celebrate all the different kinds of moms—the moms who run boardrooms, and the moms who run at-home classrooms; the mothers of babies, toddlers, teenagers, and moms of their own; and the women who teach us how to be leaders simply by being themselves. We say thank you to our own moms and motherly figures, and stand in amazement at all they’re able to accomplish.

How to Order a Julia Testa Mother’s Day Arrangement

I’m sure it goes without saying, but Mother’s Day is a big deal around here. We send out flower arrangements to moms all over New York City. Because of the sheer volume of these orders, we recommend pre-ordering your arrangements (for delivery and pick up) as soon as possible. Like, right now.

Delivering to Brooklyn or Manhattan? Select from our 8:00am-2:00pm or 2:00pm - 8:00pm time slots.

For the most up-to-date information on Mother’s Day ordering, please check our homepage banner.

Unsure of what to order? Here are a few of our favorite Mother’s Day arrangements this season. 

"Mama Said"
This gorgeous garden-style arrangement features full and  lush blooms of Ranunculus, Lisianthus, Rose, Snapdragon, Helleborus, Calla Lily, and more. It balances softness and strength and would look at home in any mother’s home.
wisdom flower arrangement
"Woven with Wisdom"
This classic arrangement is lush with Peony, Orchid, Rose, and Calla Lilly. It is fresh, and stately, and fills a room with its presence, making the perfect gift for any mother in your life. *Vase may be substituted for a tall cylinder based on availability.
touch of love
"Touch of Love"
This tall drink of water is an explosion of Peony, Hydrangea, Lisianthus, Anthurium, Roses, and Tulips, with hints of flowering branches and modern leaf loops. Bold and vibrant with a touch of whimsy, this arrangement really makes an impact (remind you of anyone?).
"Sending Love"
This gorgeous mix features Callas, Hydrangeas, Peony (may be substituted for Garden roses depending on availability), and Orchids. It's thoughtful design reflects the simple, perfect thoughtfulness of sending love.
"Queen of the Flowers"
This regal arrangement features Red Roses, Hot Pink Roses, Lavender Stock Flower, Pink Peony, and Double-stuffed Peony Tulips. It commands attention and admiration, and is the ideal arrangement for the matriarchs in your life.


At Julia Testa, we understand that when it comes to moms, all the gratitude and wonder many of us have is hard to capture in a single gift. And maybe it just can’t be done. But, we think expressions of gratitude pair nicely with a stunning flower arrangement—a beautiful reflection of the life, vibrancy, and color our mothers add to the world. 

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