That Time We Were Featured in Curbed Magazine

In a fun turn of events, our floral design company recently garnered attention in the world of design and aesthetics. Mia Mercado, a contributor for New York Magazine's "The Cut," known for her insightful coverage of internet culture, highlighted our brand in the article  “Floral Storefront City” for Curbed Magazine. Mercado's words shed light on the evolution of floral installations, recognizing our contributions to this artistic landscape. 

The article begins by taking a keen look at the transformation of floral installations, with Mercado positing that our work is a natural progression from the once-ubiquitous flower walls that gained popularity in the late 2010s. Those massive bloom-covered squares became synonymous with influencer events and Kardashian celebrations. However, we've taken this concept a step further by expanding the floral spectacle to entire storefronts. As Mercado eloquently put it, "Why do a wall when you could do an entire shop? Why save the floral spectacle for an event when shopping for Heattech could be the event?" For this phenomenon, she writes, “Florist Julia Testa [that’s us!] might be partially to blame.”

Expanding on this, Mercado highlighted one of the pivotal moments in our journey – our very first installation taking shape as a grand balloon arch. This three-story high spectacle was not just a visual marvel but also emblematic of the significant impact it would have on our company. People were immediately drawn to it, leading to collaborations with esteemed brands like M.A.C Cosmetics. The balloon arch was not only a beautiful addition to the urban landscape but also a magnet for passersby, who couldn't help but "lightly freak out" in delight at the sight of this towering creation.

Since that first memorable balloon arch, our company's journey can only be described as expansive, with our portfolio featuring storefront embellishments for esteemed brands like Banana Republic, Falconeri, Naadam, The Sheraton New York, and many more. We’re endlessly grateful that our dedication to creating visually stunning floral installations has not only transformed our business but the aesthetic landscape of these stores – and the shopping experience – as a whole.

This feature serves as a celebration of our dedication to pushing the boundaries of floral artistry. From humble beginnings with balloon arches to adorning the storefronts of iconic brands, our journey continues to be a testament to our commitment to infusing art and nature into the urban landscape. Explore our Installations Gallery here. We hope you love them as much as we do.