Popular Easter Blooms We Love to Showcase

As Easter approaches, it's not just the colorful eggs and sweet treats that capture our attention (hello chocolate bunnies and multicolored Peeps); it's also the vibrant array of flowers that symbolize renewal, hope, and the arrival of spring. Among the myriad of blossoms adorning Easter celebrations, several stand out as perennial favorites – each of which is featured in one of our hand-crafted arrangements. Let's delve into the fragrant world of Easter flowers, and the Julia Testa floral designs that highlight them so well.


Lilies, particularly white Easter lilies, are synonymous with the holiday and its religious significance. These graceful flowers, with their trumpet-like shape and sweet fragrance, symbolize purity and virtue. Their snowy petals evoke a sense of reverence and solemnity, making them a popular choice for church decorations and Easter bouquets. Beyond their religious connotations, lilies also represent hope and new beginnings, embodying the spirit of Easter's message of renewal.

HOPpy HOPpy Easter

Overflowing with Casablanca Lilies and White Hydrangea, Hoppy Hoppy Easter exudes sophistication and charm. The Casablanca Lilies, outrageously fragrant and gleamingly white, captivate with their timeless beauty and delicate allure, while the White Hydrangea adds depth and richness to the composition, creating a mesmerizing blend of textures. Perfect for adorning Easter brunch tables or gifting to loved ones, "Hoppy Hoppy Easter" is a delightful expression of joy and renewal.

Pastel Magic

Pastel Magic is a towering masterpiece designed to usher in the splendor of springtime. Standing tall at 2-3 feet, it’s a captivating display of vibrant hues and delicate blooms. A harmonious mix of spring colors is highlighted through a blend of roses, tulips, and the quintessential lilies, accompanied by an array of other seasonal flowers. Each stem is meticulously selected for its textures and fragrances, evoking the essence of the season. Whether gracing a grand foyer or serving as a stunning centerpiece for Easter gatherings, Pastel Magic captures the beauty and abundance of spring.


Tulips burst onto the scene just in time for Easter, heralding the arrival of spring with their vibrant hues and elegant blooms. These cheerful flowers come in a kaleidoscope of colors, from soft pastels to bold primaries, making them versatile additions to Easter floral arrangements. With their graceful stems and distinctive cup-shaped petals, tulips symbolize love, joy, and the arrival of warmer days. Whether displayed in a vase or nestled in a springtime centerpiece, tulips infuse Easter celebrations with a sense of freshness and vitality.

Bunch of Happiness

Bunch of Happiness is sure to brighten any space and lift spirits with its kaleidoscope of vibrant tulips! Overflowing with 40 of these cheerful blooms in a delightful assortment of bright hues, this arrangement promises to bring the essence of happiness indoors, whether it's for you or a cherished loved one. Each tulip embodies the promise of spring and the warmth of sunshine, making "Bunch of Happiness" a perfect gesture to convey love, appreciation, and the simple joys of life.

*Colors will vary depending on availability, but it will always be a gorgeous assortment of bright hues!

One Color Tulips

Indulge in the pure elegance of One Color Tulips, where simplicity meets sophistication in a charming display of your favorite hue. With a choice of white, red, pink, purple, or orange, these exquisite tulips allow you to personalize your space with a burst of color that speaks to your individual style. Ideal for adorning small surface areas such as bedside tables or coffee tables, each arrangement features 25 blooms meticulously arranged to showcase the timeless beauty of these beloved flowers. Whether you prefer the classic allure of white or the bold vibrancy of red, "One Color Tulips" effortlessly adds a touch of grace and refinement to any room, inviting moments of serenity and beauty into your daily life.


Daffodils, with their sunny yellow trumpets and delicate petals, are quintessential harbingers of spring and beloved symbols of Easter. Also known as narcissus, these cheerful flowers emerge from the earth just as winter gives way to spring, bringing with them a sense of optimism and renewal. In Christian tradition, daffodils represent rebirth and new beginnings, making them a fitting choice for Easter bouquets and garden displays. Their bright and cheery demeanor adds a touch of warmth and radiance to any Easter celebration, whether placed on a tabletop or added to your existing decor.

A Field of Sun

A Field of Sun is a stunning arrangement that boasts bright yellow daffodils and tulips, exuding joy and vitality with their sunny disposition. Accentuated by delicate highlights of light pink roses, the bouquet offers a harmonious blend of color and texture. A base of voluminous white hydrangea provides a sense of fullness, while wispy accents of white Veronica and lisianthus add a touch of ethereal beauty. With its garden-style flair and captivating charm, "A Field of Sun" is a breathtaking celebration of the season's abundance, sure to infuse any space with the uplifting spirit of spring.

Yellow Daffodils

Yellow Daffodils is an arrangement that is the embodiment of sunshine and cheer. This modern arrangement showcases the timeless beauty of sweet yellow daffodils in all their natural elegance, arranged in a sleek square clear vase for a contemporary touch. With its monochromatic scheme, this arrangement exudes simplicity and sophistication, allowing the vibrant yellow blooms to take center stage and evoke smiles wherever they're placed. Whether adorning a countertop, brightening up a living area, or serving as a thoughtful gift, "Yellow Daffodils" effortlessly captures the essence of springtime.


The intoxicating scent and delicate beauty of lilacs make them a cherished addition to Easter festivities. With their clusters of fragrant blooms in shades of purple, pink, and white, lilacs symbolize innocence, purity, and the promise of spring's arrival. These enchanting flowers are often associated with Easter due to their peak blooming season, coinciding with the holiday's festivities. Whether adorning a mantlepiece or gracing a garden path, lilacs infuse Easter celebrations with their ethereal fragrance and timeless elegance.

Woven With Wisdom

Woven with Wisdom features nature's finest blooms, blending the timeless elegance of peonies, orchids, roses, Calla lilies, and (seasonally) lilacs in a stunning display of floral opulence. Standing tall and stately, this arrangement exudes grace and sophistication, commanding attention with its luxurious assortment of blossoms. Particularly noteworthy is the inclusion of lilacs, an often expensive bloom on its own, allowing a more economical avenue for indulging in their exquisite fragrance and delicate beauty.

Lavishly Lavender

Lavishly Lavender is a breathtaking garden-style arrangement, overflowing with lush lavender hydrangeas, fragrant lilacs, delicate lavender roses, blush ranunculus, bush roses, and lavender lisianthus. This opulent display captivates with its abundance of blooms in beautiful shades of pink and purple. Each stem is meticulously arranged to create a harmonious composition that exudes natural elegance and grace. Whether adorning a tabletop or serving as a stunning centerpiece, "Lavishly Lavender" infuses any space with a sense of tranquility and sophistication, making it an exquisite selection for spring.


Peonies, with their lush, ruffled blooms and soft fragrance, are a favorite choice for Easter bouquets and floral arrangements. These voluptuous flowers come in an array of colors, from soft blush tones to vibrant magentas, adding a touch of opulence to Easter celebrations. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, peonies symbolize prosperity, good fortune, and a happy marriage, making them a meaningful choice for Easter festivities. Whether displayed as a centerpiece or incorporated into your table-side decor, peonies infuse Easter gatherings with their undeniable charm and beauty.

Simply Peony

Simply Peony is an elegant arrangement that celebrates the natural beauty of this beloved bloom. Throughout their season, peonies grow from smaller blooms to full, lush flowers. This arrangement captures the essence of their seasonal journey, showcasing their exquisite elegance throughout their peak cycle. Paired with lush, mixed garden greenery, the peonies take center stage, exuding an organic vibe that speaks to their innate charm. Whether adorning a tabletop or serving as a heartfelt gift, "Simply Peony" is a testament to the understated beauty of nature's finest offerings, evoking a sense of grace and sophistication in any space.

Adelina Eve

Adelina Eve is a breathtaking arrangement with the namesake of Julia Testa’s niece. It combines the soft hues of pink peonies, peach and pink roses, light pink hydrangeas, and the delicate beauty of pink or peach stock and spray roses. Adorned with hints of Italian ruscus and greenery, "Adelina Eve" exudes a sense of timeless elegance and refined charm. With its tight yet lush design, this arrangement offers a harmonious balance between structure and movement, making it a perfect expression of love and beauty this spring.

Add Your Favorite Blooms to Popular Arrangements

As you prepare to order floral arrangements this spring, keep in mind that customization is always an option to tailor your bouquet to your preferences. If you find a favorite bloom missing from a popular arrangement (like lilacs from our popular Olivia Rose), give us a call, and we'll gladly accommodate your request. We can process your order as a custom arrangement, simply adding in the cost of your new bloom, ensuring your bouquet is as unique and delightful as you envisioned. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're here to bring your floral dreams to life, one bloom at a time.

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Easter flowers not only add color and fragrance to our celebrations but also carry deep symbolic meanings that resonate with the spirit of the holiday. From the timeless elegance of lilies to the romantic allure of peonies, each bloom brings its own unique charm to Easter festivities, reminding us of the beauty and promise of the season. Whether used to adorn a church altar, brighten a festive table, or simply enjoyed for their natural splendor, Easter flowers enrich our celebrations and inspire us to embrace the joy of renewal and new beginnings.

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