Brand Showcase: Tiffany’s Masterpiece Collection in Rainbow Ombre

If you're a florist, designing for Tiffany’s is likely on your bucket list. And in 2017, complimenting the Tiffany’s masterpiece collection, we had the pleasure of getting to do just that – crafting large and small floral pieces for the company's Fifth Avenue location. 

The space was comprised of multiple colored walls, so we put together each design to reflect the colors around it. Large pieces decorated the room in ombre tones from yellows, to oranges and light reds- to reds to oranges and yellows- accented with silver chrome mirror containers. All floral arrangements were designed with lush and elegant flowers such as, dahlias, ranunculus, calla lilies, orchids, garden roses and much more! The gradual blending of one color to another hue made these designs very special, and masterfully elevated the Tiffany Jewelry Masterpiece line they were promoting.

After our two day set-up and 6 am start time, we as a team felt extremely accomplished and delighted to have had the opportunity to design for such a high-end and well known company, and can't wait for more events in the future.