Wella Professionals + Chandon Moet Project

It’s a special time of year when both Peony and Dahlia are available at the same time. It's an extremely rare and short lived time of the year – but of course the Julia Testa team nailed it for the Wella Professionals.

Wella Professionals has an amazing “Wella World Studio” in downtown Manhattan near our SoHo location. And when they order flowers they do not mess around. They wanted to say “thank you” to a few special people so they asked us to make the most impressive Chandon Champagne infused arrangements we could think of. They provided us with some of their top-notch hair products and bottles of the best rose champagne money can buy – and voila! The beauty began.

These gorgeous arrangements retail for a whopping $500 a piece and include over a dozen Dahlia, Peony, Roses, and Orchids galore. They weighed about 30lbs each!