Why Adding Fresh Flowers to your Hanukkah Decor Just Makes Sense

As winter rolls into New York City, so too does the official “Holiday Season.” It marks the time of year when gathering in our homes with friends and family is a near weekly affair. And to us, it also marks the time of year when considering Hanukkah decor becomes top of mind. Because, in our *humble opinion*, there are few things that add more light and life to a Hanukkah table or setting than fresh flowers.

In fact, we think, flowers and Hanukkah just make sense. Here’s why:

Flowers embody the symbolism of renewal, growth, and new beginnings.

This symbolism aligns seamlessly with the of Hanukkah as a festival of light and miracles. Flowers also represent the joyfulness of the occasion, helping convey a sense of celebration. The presence of flowers on the table communicates a festive mood and adds to the overall sense of joy during the holiday.

Flowers help enhance ambiance and aesthetics, naturally.

The presence of flowers enhances the aesthetics of the table, introducing natural beauty and vibrant colors that elevate the overall visual appeal of the Hanukkah celebration. Beyond the visual, flowers contribute to the sensory experience of the event by carrying pleasant fragrances, creating a warm and inviting ambiance for participants. 

Flowers and gratitude go hand-in-hand.

Finally, the inclusion of flowers on the Hanukkah table go beyond the elevation of the room, but also serve as a celebration of nature's bounty, embodying the spirit of abundance and gratitude for the blessings bestowed during this festive time.

Now, let’s set the table with our favorite floral picks for your Festival of Lights this year:

1. Festival of Lights

Voted the best Hanukkah flowers in NYC for good reason, Festival of Lights is a very popular light blue and white flower arrangement with pops of navy blue and accents of soft greenery. Lush and full of flowers, it’s designed in a silver container. This flower arrangement is perfect for any Hanukkah gift or centerpiece and will brighten any room they’re in.

2. Star Light, Star Bright

A beautiful addition to any Hanukkah table or celebration, Star Light, Star Bright is a stunning and modern arrangement featuring artfully lush White Calla blooms with Blue accents.

3. Peace on Earth

This absolute show stopper is bursting with elegance and festivity, making the Peace on Earth arrangement one of our favorite designs for your Hanukkah celebrations. Jam-packed with blooms like white anthurium, blue delphinium, white stock flower, orchids, calla Lilly, hydrangea, and Lisianthus, it’s centerpiece or gift your loved ones wont soon forget.

4. Natural Beauty

This stunningly lush, all-white arrangement showcases phalaeonopsis orchid heads, casablanca lilies, tulips, roses, laceflower, and garden greens – making Natural Beauty a lovely addition to the Hanukkah celebrations with a more subtle, modern, or elegant aesthetic.

5. Winter Wonderland

This arrangement is as festive as it is beautiful, making Winter Wonderland a lovely addition to your Hanukkah decor. Lush White Hydrangea and White Roses are accented with Silver Ornaments, Silver Tipped Pine Cones – and designed in a gorgeous Silver Cylinder.

Whether subtle and sweet or bold and festive, floral arrangements can contribute to a welcoming and joyful environment for your Hanukkah celebration. And we can’t thank you enough for letting us be a part of it.