Why Chuppahs are so Expensive

The Chuppah is one of the most recognized elements of a wedding ceremony – almost as ubiquitous as the white dress and bridal bouquet (we said almost), especially for Jewish couples. Literally translated from Hebrew as “covering,” the chuppah (AKA huppah, chipe, chupah, or chuppa) consists of four staves or posts, a fabric canopy or draping usually made of silk or velvet, and of course, flowers.

Although striking a resemblance to the wedding arch or arbor, the chuppah is unique in its composition, construction, assembly, and – because of all those elements – cost.

The classic arch and arbor has two posts (sometimes four for support), which amounts to one dimension of styling if only seen from the front, and two dimensions if viewed from the front and the back. The chuppah, with its four broadly spaced posts and interconnected top, is essentially four arches assembled together into a structure that can be viewed from all sides – and is often styled with that in mind.

Flower arch (left), chuppah (right) compared.

Sure, sure that’s interesting. But what does that have to do with cost?

So often, our clients wonder why chuppahs are more expensive than flower arches, and it’s for a few reasons (none of which are out of the blue, we promise). First, is the cost of materials themselves. Simply put, four arches combined together into one structure takes more wood or metal for the frame, a greater amount flowers and greenery for styling, and fabric for the draping. More of everything, well, costs more.

Then, most importantly, is the skill and time required of actually putting a chuppah together. To properly assemble the large structures – a process that takes places on site – four specialized people are needed. A chuppah construction team consists of a custom builder for the framing, a floral designer for the execution of the styling, a person proficient with fabric draping or pleating, and a helper to bring all three specialties together (and to hold the fourth post when assembling the thing).

This cost of this stunning chuppah was $6000. It was 14ft tall and featured flowers from the front view only. 


Beyond time of assembly, is the feat of flipping a venue from its ceremony setup to being reception-ready – a common practice that involves quickly breaking down the chuppah (usually finished in under an hour's time). To accommodate the flip, that same talented crew we mentioned above has to stick around until after the ceremony to execute the job, and in some cases, until after the reception. The time they spend working and waiting is factored into the cost.

This lovely chuppah with stylish flower groupings cost $3700 and is the most popular design we offer. 


But, we think some things in life are worth paying extra for – and a chuppah is certainly one them. These incredible structures literally set the stage for the rest of a couple’s lives together, creating stunning backdrops for unforgettable “I do’s”. They’re equal parts impressive and beautiful, symbolic and strong. They elevate their surroundings and create a romantic atmosphere that adds so much more value than the cost spent to acquire one.

This elegantly cheery chuppah cost $4000 (influenced by being covered in summer dahlias), transforming the waterside dock into the perfect ceremony location.



This clean, minimalistic chuppah cost $3000 (our baseline price), with candles included.



This stunning live (and expensive) orchid dripping chuppah stood 14ft tall and cost $10,000.


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