Your Seasonal Decor Aesthetic In a Flower Arrangement

Fall is an inspiring time – from updating your wardrobe to prompting entirely new home decor selections, it is a season of change. But how you go about that change, and what it actually looks like, is informed by your Fall Decor Aesthetic. 

No matter your style sensibility, we have the perfect Julia Testa flower arrangement for you this fall. Here are our favorite fall aesthetics and their floral pairings:

1. Rustic Farmhouse

This aesthetic often incorporates natural elements like wooden furniture, mason jars, burlap, and vintage or distressed items. Earthy colors like browns, oranges, and deep reds are prominent. If this is your aesthetic, you appreciate simplicity, warmth, and a connection to nature, valuing tradition and the comforts of a quiet life.

Your Fall Arrangement: Golden Sun

Golden Sun beautifully blends fall tones, featuring yellow roses, Charlie Brown cymbidium orchids, lilies, and mixed greenery. 

2. Bohemian Chic 

This style combines rich, jewel-toned colors with eclectic patterns, textiles, and a mix of global influences. Bohemian Chic is all about creating a cozy and vibrant atmosphere. If this is so *you*, you have an artistic and free-spirited personality. You're open to diverse influences and love expressing yourself through eclectic and vibrant decor.

Your Fall Arrangement: Wild Spice

Wild Spice is a bright and bold garden-style arrangement featuring flowers like sunflower, dahlia, rose, hypericum berry, brassica, coxcomb, celosia, and accented with mixed greenery. 

3. Modern Minimalist 

For those who prefer a clean and simple look, this aesthetic emphasizes simplicity, neutral colors, and uncluttered spaces. Think sleek pumpkins and minimalist wreaths. If you’re a modern minimalist, you have a clean and organized mindset, valuing simplicity and functionality in your surroundings - preferring all things *contemporary design.*

Your Fall Arrangement: Vibrant Vibes

Vibrant Vibes puts the simple beauty of bright sunflowers on display. It’s arranged with aspeditra loops and lemon leaf for a crisp, modern flair. 

4. Harvest Festival 

This aesthetic celebrates the bounty of the fall harvest with decorations like cornucopias, gourds, and plenty of autumnal fruits and vegetables. If this is your aesthetic, you are someone who enjoys celebrating traditions and seasonal festivities. You appreciate the abundance of nature and the importance of food.

Your Fall Arrangement: Bountiful Harvest

Bountiful Harvest is a tall, bursting arrangement with bright fall tones of gold, red, and orange. Flowers often include mums, dahlia, orchids, roses, berries, amaryllis, Calla, and magnolia.

5. Halloween Spooky

If you love Halloween all season long, you might opt for a spooky aesthetic with cobwebs, skeletons, jack-o'-lanterns, and dark and eerie decor. Sound like you? Well, then you likely have a playful and whimsical side and enjoy embracing the eerie and mysterious aspects of the post-summer season.

Your Fall Arrangement: Vienna Callas

Deep Purple Vienna Callas is a modern and long-lasting Calla lily arrangement designed in a spiral hand tie. The moody lilies are artfully arranged in a clear glass cylinder or cube.

6. Nature-Inspired 

A Nature-Inspired aesthetic brings the outdoors inside with natural elements like leaves, pinecones, acorns, and branches. Earthy tones and textures are the foundation of this style. If Nature-Inspired decor is your thing, you have a deep connection to the outdoors and love bringing natural elements into your home. You appreciate the beauty of the changing seasons.

Your Fall Arrangement: Soulful Garden

Soulful Garden features a mix of seasonal autumn flowers in bright tones of burgundy, red, gold, and pink. Flowers like mums, roses, orchids, berries, dahlia, calla lilies, and mixed greenery come together to create this beautiful nature-inspired arrangement.

7. Glamorous Fall

This aesthetic brings luxury to the season, with metallic accents, plush textiles, and rich jewel tones. Gold, bronze, and deep purples can be central to this aesthetic. If you’re a glam-fall fan, you have a flair for luxury and enjoy adding a touch of opulence to your surroundings. You appreciate fine details and sophisticated aesthetics.

Your Fall Arrangement: Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo oozes with glam, incorporating beautiful fall and jewel tones together using all the best autumn flowers, including roses, dahlias, orchids, and mums. This arrangement has a tight and lush style, making it perfect for any occasion or to decorate any surface, and is arranged to be bursting with as many blooms as possible.

8. Elegant Autumn

This aesthetic focuses on creating a sophisticated and refined fall decor with muted colors, crystal accents, and elegant table settings. If elegant Autumn is your vibe, you have a refined and sophisticated taste. You enjoy creating an atmosphere of elegance and charm, even during the fall season.

Your Fall Arrangement: Fresh Air Fall

This elegant arrangement blends soft whites and hints of bronze with accents of mini pumpkins. Fresh Air Fall’s neat design is artfully arranged in a gold container.


Your fall decor aesthetic can reflect your personal style and the atmosphere you want to create in your home during the autumn season. But, we also love mixing and matching elements from different aesthetics to create a look that is wonderfully and uniquely *ours.* So whether you’re Halloween Spooky, Bohemian Chic, Modern Minimalist – or a quirky combination of all of the aesthetics, we’ve got your perfect floral arrangement covered.

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